Ask the Person who knows

In life we try the easy path to finding answers, but a better strategy is to go to the real source. It is only found in a relationship — which means we have to work at it and be prepared to trust.

Ask the Person who knows
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Who are we looking to, for answers?

LORD, be merciful to us, for we have waited for you. Be our strong arm each day and our salvation in times of trouble.
In that day He will be your sure foundation, providing a rich store of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. The fear of the LORD will be your treasure. -- Isaiah 33:2, 6 NLT


In life we choose the easy path to finding answers, and when they are all different, we hedge our bets. A better strategy is to go to the real source, which is only found in a relationship — which means we have to work at it and be prepared to trust.

Good News

Wisdom, knowledge and a way out is promised to us, if we ask. Through trusting who Jesus is and what He has done, we are set free and able to approach our Father — who has all the answers.


I recall a time when I was floundering. I didn’t think it was going well. I had tried everything, and nothing seem to bring change. I asked others, who I thought were wiser and more experienced, and conflicting advice (like the scientific advisors we hear so much of) added to the confusion.

One friend, a former missionary in Liberia who knew a bit about finding the right direction in challenging situations, gave me some good advice: “You’re listening to too many people.”

Sometimes we have to politely disregard both the noise of opinions and the well-meaning advice of others, in order to be able to separate out and hear what God is saying -- the wisdom and knowledge that saves.

There’s a modern day proverb about this. “Don’t ask anyone, go to the person that knows.” Another version of this is, “If you want an answer, go to the top.” That’s homespun wisdom, but it has grown out of the Bible principle we see in the verses above: “Be our strong arm... our salvation... our sure foundation”.

God knows, God can and God is always in “saving mode”, but we have to ask Him. We have to rely on Him. That doesn’t happen, all the time we are looking for answers elsewhere.

Our human tendency is to consult all the tipsters and ‘hedge our bets’. Maybe that is a fair strategy on the race track, but God wants more than our punter's bet — He desires a close relationship with us, in which we talk to Him, listen to Him -- and trust Him. That’s what happens between friends!

Suggested prayer

Lord God, thank You for Your Son Jesus and what He has done for me. Thank You that because of Him, I have a friendship with You and can draw close — and know the assurance of Your strong arm and salvation.

I know that all knowledge and wisdom has its source in You. I'm sorry that I have looked to other people, and tried to find easy sources, rather than drawing deeply on my relationship with You. I turn to You now and ask You to speak to me about my need.................. Help me to be patient in waiting on You, to trust what I hear, and act on what You show me to do. For the honour and glory of Jesus, Amen.

Take away

  • What is confusing you today?
  • What is your need of clear direction today?
  • How will you change your approach to finding it?