Living Word Publications

See other sites that are part of the Living Word Publications family. – GLOW is about God's Love Over Weobley

  • Encouraging prayer and spiritual fellowship. With a local flavour and scenes around this NW Herefordshire village.
  • A verse, a short summary to explain it — and a prayer based on the Scripture. Link to a longer reflection on Believe the Good News (below) — Believe the Good News

  • Finding the good news and encouragement all through the Bible. The pathways are varied, but they all end up pointing to the Good News of the kingdom of God. This was the one theme Jesus constantly taught about.
  • A verse, the good news in a sentence, and reflection. Link to a prayer on the Scripture, on GLOW (above) — The Living Word.

  • Weekly, published on Wednesdays 10 days ahead, to encourage reading and reflecting on the word before hearing it read and preached in a Sunday service.
  • Verse-by-verse expository Bible study on the set weekly readings* used by many churches e.g. C of E, Methodist and URC. The RC set readings are mostly the same with some variations for saints' days.  Unlike a liturgical approach, TLW draws a clear theme out of the readings, in the order that the Bible presents them, OT, NT pre-resurrection and NT post-resurrection.  A brief application on each passage is included.
  • As well as the weekly posts, there is a growing collection of pages arranged topically which offer straightforward explanations on common doctrinal questions from a non-denominational, theologically neutral and biblical standpoint.
  • There's a print edition laid out as a four-page A5 (Bible-sized) folder which can be copied easily on a church A4 photocopier or printer.

THIS SITE: Fresh Bread Today— Fresh Bread Today in the sense of 'living bread'.

  • The freshest bake, with a bit of a tang, unpackaged and uncut. His word to live by, today.
  • And some recipes of actual bread!  A growing collection of artisan sourdough, slow dough and other bread recipes thrown in!

*From the Revised Common Lectionary