Do we get it?... God is our source

At a time of challenges through climate change, food shortage, rivers running dry and soaring energy prices, politicians may nor have the answers we look for — but these difficulties constrain us to turn to the Source of all things, Jesus.

Do we get it?... God is our source
Grwne Fawr river, Brecon Beacons, Wales. Image —Ian Greig

We need food, water, affordable fuel — and wisdom to navigate through this testing time. Go to the ultimate source of supply.

The word that comes today is "source". Here, in a context of drunken disorder and administrative chaos, God speaks out that He:

"... will be a spirit of justice to the one who sits in judgment, a source of strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate." (Isaiah 28:6 NIV)

Jesus proved Himself humanly by demonstrating the highest level of God-submitted obedience in going to His death:

“...and, once made perfect, He became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey Him...”

And, the passage continues, He now presides as the permanent Great High Priest through whom we may be saved.

This word comes when rivers are drying up, food supplies are threatened, and a huge rise in the price of oil and gas is causing real hardship for the less well-off — when war Is raging, and political leadership in the UK in chaos has no answers to these huge issues..

So who do we look to? It could be argued that these difficulties have been allowed by God, to constrain people to search for the only One who can help — the only One with the power to save and the only One who is the ultimate source of the solution to these problems.

Jesus Christ, the one who was, who is now and ever shall be, the one who ascended to heaven and is exalted by all in the highest place of authority as the Great High Priest – He is the source of salvation in the broadest terms, and He is also someone who we can know.

You know the old slogan: "If you need action, go to the top!"

Through faith, a person of any age, any social position or any level of education can go with their petitionto the very top Person.

It's a choice — whether we continue to seek redress by appealing to all of the wrong people, or come to the realisation that no human agency can make a real difference: and we need to elevate our appeal – indeed to the one whose authority is located in the highest place.

We invest time and emotional energy investigating every wrong source. Now, God appeals to us to stop, reconsider, and discover the true source – the One who has lived our life and has suffered for us, who has won our salvation and now sits supreme as the One who dispenses it.

Salvation is a broad term for this -- what we need to restore peace, to bring back ecological and climate equilibrium and to calm the economic instability. In practical terms.

This is the justice that allows all the people the ability to balance their income and their outgoings – not to mention the security and peace of having an assured eternal destiny.

Jesus – and only Jesus – is the source of all of these things. The worship of all other structures, traditions or authorities is futile. Jesus wants us to know God and live in His wisdom and provision by deciding to focus our worship on him.

It is that complicated – and it's also that simple.


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