Why vision is a spiritual attribute

Why vision is a spiritual attribute

++ Vision for church compels us to seek God’s perspective — when we understand what church is, we see how it works ++

We have been talking about God giving us a vision, or divine purpose, in life.

That can be our individual sense of mission in life. Or it could be for the group, or team we are involved in, for the church we are a part of, or even a national vision as a United Kingdom.

In the Bible, Israel both gained and lost such a vision.

In the UK today it’s a big ask for the tiny percentage of Jesus followers to call down a spiritual dynamic to bless the whole country, although that’s something all believers are called to model.

However we can invite God’s purpose for local church, if we can define what that is.

Some places have a ‘churches together’ group which offers a broad view. But the established church (in England, not the other three nations) always likes to claim precedence.
And a particularly well-attended, lively fellowship may be the most influential.

These are man-centred definitions. ‘Church’ simply describes the togetherness of those called out into a new spiritual life of following Jesus — no labels apply.

Spiritual vision is an attribute of truly spiritual people wherever they may be found. Put simply, it's about how spiritual people are called to live their lives, not selfishly, but with a view to God's kingdom order being established.

There are characteristics which will make this intention recognisable. We can see these, particularly in the gospels and Acts:
• Expectation of organic kingdom — it grows, free from institutional colouring or control.
• A particular quality of non-judgmental love which includes and draws in others.
• The unique confidence that comes with God’s leading.

Men, women and young people who have this, recognise it in one another, and celebrate their togetherness — a togetherness which is rooted in a shared experience of Jesus.

As Jesus and the first disciples found, kingdom vision provokes jealousy and opposition. Jesus said that the path can be a steep and challenging one.

But unlike human ideas and schemes — it just works. And it also pleases God. Which is why we should set aside OUR plans and pray for God’s vision and purpose to become clear.