Spiritual prompting guides us in life (3)

Spiritual prompting guides us in life (3)
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Our choice to receive and to give away

We come to know God by a spiritual transformation of the heart, or human spirit in which our acceptance of Jesus as the Saviour is crucial. He has experienced death so that we can have His life — a spiritual life that starts now and endures. It is a dimension of life especially guided and enabled by the Holy Spirit following this new spiritual birth.

We receive this for ourselves by our decision — it doesn't come by any religious action or process or the decision of another — because it is our faith that makes a spiritual connection with our Father.

Deciding is a prayer transaction. We need to have this well worked out in order to be able to encourage others and pray with them — something every disciple of Jesus needs to be expecting.

This is more about believing and being sincere about what we are praying than the exact words, so treat the following as a suggested simple form of this prayer.

Suggested prayer

Lord God Almighty, I come to you relying on Your love and mercy.

I acknowledge my sin in thinking and living selfishly and independently from You, and I repent of that.

I understand now that Your Son Jesus has come and died in my place, and has paid the price for all my sin and rebellion.

ask Jesus that I can know You as Saviour. I want to follow Your way as Your disciple

Holy Spirit I ask You to come into my heart now and change it. I seek Your help, Holy Spirit, to live a new and fruitful life, growing spiritually with Jesus as my Lord.

I pray this to His glory. Amen.


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